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  • Why is the deduction not shown?
    The deduction is not shown on the website due to limits. The deposit will be deducted from your total. The website will show the overall amount even after you pay your deposit, so when you come to get your nails done your deposit will be deducted manually and you will pay the remainder in person. Example Overall cost: $15 Deposit: $5 Wix will still show $15 after deosit is paid In person you will only pay $10 because the deposit will be deducted from your total
  • Where are you located?
    370 Main Street North, Brampton, Ontario Canada
  • How to book an appointment?
    1. Go to the Booking Page 2. Choose the service you would like. 3. Click "Book Now" 4. Choose the date and time 5. Then fill in all the information required 6. Then proceed to the checkout page. (A deposit is required to secure your appointment)
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